A comparison between Greenin’People and modern society – interview with Matteo Plevano (President Green Jobs Italy)





During this era, characterized by excesses and wastes, the theme of ecology recently has overwhelmed and  considered interesting by several classes of our society .

This is a fact, although it is better to specify that, in addition to the waste referring to the damage of our surroundings, this concept needs to be argued and completed by concerning the sole individual; in a word  “US”.

The energy that we put into our work or our profession, or just the same ones used during the common activities of our lives have meant that people tend nolonger  to use the “key factors” for our personal fulfillment: one of the factors that is suffering this lack is  the “individual creativity “.

This lack causes stress, anger, and many other feelings that don’t bring us positivity at all: in few words, the psychological factor is influencing virtually all of our existence.

The necessity to satisfy this needs arises the Green Economy.

In Italy there were born many associations dealing with it but it’s always nice to get ackonwledge about many realities  ‘formed by young aims to spread knowledge  like Greenin’People that is connected to the portal  Green Jobs.


In order to master this topic I set out below the interview with  the President of Green Jobs Italy, Matteo Plevano who has kindly granted me.


matteo plevano


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– When and How did the idea of Green Job start up? Which are the requirements to join the portal ?

– MP: 

“The Idea of Green Job started up in early 2009 in order to allow people looking for work to seek deals caratherized by a strict value, that is the social and environmental impact of their own professional activity.

The basic purpose is to providing an useful tool to a new economy concept, which is able to cover increasingly its impact on the surrounding context.

Work is the main topic in that sense, hence working by following an agreed and positive way is a extraordinarily strong factor for the sole person and for his related enterprise, and that becomes the engine of change for the whole society.

From this year not only we operate online but also we deal with guidance and provide information for working in the green economy by Green Jobs Desk, that was activated with Città dei Mestieri of Milan (City of the Crafts of Milan).


Access to the Green Jobs is intended for all companies that act the ‘green conversion’, or that re-convert to environmentally sustainable production systems, processes, products and services. It is also open to all nonprofit organizations, because of the social purpose”.



– “Quest of the psychological component related to the green economy”.

On your Facerbook page one of the top 10 reasons why the green economy’ is important is meant as a Motivational Accelerator.

Can you better explain this concept?

– MP:

The green economy is the great industrial revolution that is getting throughout the current period of history and that will probably last for many years. Like every great economic and social change is a vision of the future referring to the society as a whole; for this reason it may stand for the engine that moves and carries the energy in a specific direction, allowing the company to evolve to a higher stage”.



In a post you have voiced out your displeasure when you interjected with those who was trying to dig out puppeteers any tie together the threads of your association, in spite of the interest in the project . Your reply showed off  your bitterness in discussing with these people, and the most of your discontent stemmed from the fact that the ‘age’ of media they were between 20 and 30 years.

Is starting a project like yours awkward in Italy? Is Italy advanced or backward relative to other countries? Is  considering about getting  abroad more convenient at this stage?

– MP:

Starting up a project like ours is very difficult. I Cite as an istance the attempt, still in progress, to export the model of the Green Jobs Desk in other cities.

We come across many difficulties for several reasons: the principal ones are the inaction of the system with the new and in good part to the proposals made by young, just without anyone behind. What is missing in the consolidated system, generally, is the enthusiasm of one who is living, who does things for enthusiasm, because he/she believes in it and wants to end a good project because it is just plain useful and interesting, or because he/she really wants to do it. . The typical response we receive about our project (and I mean the Green Jobs Desk) is that it is a very interesting proposal, innovative, and everyone claims they are interested in promoting it in their own territory. Unfortunately, in almost all cases, the project does not get started for the slowness, the “not facticity” or simply without a real reason, which is even much bleaker.
By talking about the difference with other countries, I can not express because I have no terms of comparison, as we are developing a project in Italy, for the moment”.



-You  ou have been devoted  by many posts on the major newspapers; for exapmle we can mention   “Il sole 24 Ore” but  you have also attended to many exhibitions as IoLavoro, the Festival of Economics in Trento, and “Fa’ la cosa giusta” in 2013 .



How were your feelings about?

What about the feedbacks by the people?

– MP:

During each stage the interest in the topic and our service was very high. The demand for information and orientation to work in a manner consistent with its values ​​is considerable, as the need to have a concrete support for such a move in search of work is.
The feedback from users has been very positive and we have often seen really ‘lighting up’ upset and resigned people to the lack of opportunities”.


– Italy as well as a large part of Europe is running  a difficult  period because of the crisis that has hit the most varied sectors.

Did The green economy suffered about or may that be an important starting point for the future at the expense of other sectors that the natural course of the real economy has now labeled as obsolete, or however detrimental to a real job? (Samples the car market, oil, etc …).

– MP:

“The situation of the employment market is very serious in general. The green economy, meant like the conversion of the current production system in a sustainable way, is one of the few areas of economic development and consequently employment. By the way our project is able to dab ome of the problems of the system throughout a strongly compromise context”.



You are a young team (average age around 28-30 years).

You use the most innovative web tools for your promotion and advertising ‘.. (e-mail marketing – Social media) and that creates great interest to those who operates within. like WeWebbers does.

Referring to this, have you ever thought of integrating it all with embedded collaboration with those working in your same industry or similar ones with the aim of further expanding your range?

– MP:

“We have launched a number of strategic partnerships with industry, mainly to give more visibility to the portal, we hope in time to continue on this path. The role of social media is now inprescindibile for a task like ours. We are present on many social and constantly communicate with our users”.


-What are your plans for the future?

– MP:

“At the moment our prior project is the spread of the model of the Green Jobs Booth to other Italian towns or shires. We do not exclude also the exploration abroad.
The model that we have developed for this project represents a breakthrough in the employment services of several aspects: not only because it is related to the green economy, and a new field that offers more opportunities; it is a real motivational accelerator, to enable people to take action and seize the opportunities offered by a full “green”conversion of the economy and society”.




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