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Tesla’s best-laid plans will have a challenge in convergence

Driverless cars and ridesharing are poised to bring about the next big tectonic movement that technology provides for the human experience. In much the same way that the mobile phone has transformed the way we live, autonomous vehicles and transportation sharing promise to change the way we move. Read More

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New rules fuel the growth of the commercial drone industry — TechCrunch

There are new regulations that will lower the barriers to entry for the commercial operation of drones. The challenge for the Federal Aviation Administration has been to establish a framework of rules to regulate how small unmanned aircraft systems (small UAS, or drones) can be used safely in the U.S. air space without undermining the…

via New rules fuel the growth of the commercial drone industry — TechCrunch

Three Things to Remember About Online Privacy

Personal privacy is one of the most complex, confusing topics in the connected world. On the one hand, technology has made us hyper-connected, allowing us to communicate and collaborate in ways that our parents could never have imagined.

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Upgrades Fueling Second Hand Smartphone Sales Boom, Says Gartner

Best iBeacon hardware crowned following extensive stress tests

Southwest partners with Apple to bring Beats Music streaming to in-flight entertainment service

How Twitter helps you teach better

The Buttry Diary

At today’s meeting of the faculty of the Manship School of Mass Communication, I will be discussing why and how faculty should use Twitter.

Dean Jerry Ceppos asked me to discuss the topic following my discussion earlier this month about why editors should be active on Twitter. We agreed that a similar discussion of Twitter’s value in teaching communication students would be helpful.

Both to gather more views than just mine (and to demonstrate Twitter’s usefulness in crowdsourcing), I asked my tweeps:

My tweeps, as usual, were most helpful in their responses:

My examples lean more toward teaching journalism than the other specialties taught in the Manship School: political communication, advertising and public relations. I think a lot of the advice…

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Sundar Pichai’s Ascension At Google Could Herald New Platform Unification

Apple reportedly partners with banks, negotiates deep discounts on payments processing rates

Don’t count out cellular. It could still win with the internet of things


Cellular connections are expensive and the plans aren’t always conducive to connecting 1,000 devices in a go, but that is changing argues Eran Eshed, Co-Founder and VP of Marketing & Business Development, Altair Semiconductor in this week’s podcast. Eshed makes a case for cellular as a real answer to connectivity for the internet of things, especially for industrial customers. I’m not sure I’m convinced, but he did address range issues, the cost of the modems inside devices and more.

Kevin Tofel and I also discussed what was a busy week in smart home hubs with Samsung buying SmartThings for a reported $200 million, the launch of Best Buy’s home hub (a collaboration between the retailer and a startup selling a service called Peq) and the news that Home Depot is putting its considerable muscle behind the Wink platform. We also discuss the new white Philips LED connected bulbs…

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